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Kids in the Museum

Performer's Showcase

Need help deciding which performers to invite to your library? Look no further than the YSS Performer’s Showcase. Every year around November, the Youth Services Subdivision invites various performers recommended by fellow librarians to perform a 15-minute preview of their shows. Performers can also apply to be a part of the show, but only the best and vetted performers are selected. The showcase is emceed by Rick Brammer, who arranged the show prior to YSS and still imparts advice and words of wisdom from his many years involved with the library performer business. The 2024 showcase is TBA

How To Attend

In Person or Virtually

2024 Showcase registration is currently TBA.

There are three ways to attend or access the Performer’s Showcase:

  1. Sign up for and attend the in-person event. (Early bird access to YSS members!)

  2. Sign up for and attend the concurrent virtual session via Zoom.

  3. Wait for the live event to be over and then view the VOD when it is posted to Youtube. 


Attending the showcase live allows you to not only connect with the performers but with fellow librarians. Many performers will reduce travel costs if libraries geographically close book shows for the same day.

Previous Showcases:


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  • I’m a Performer, how do I apply?
    You can contact the YSS board via the Contact Us form on this website.
  • I’m a librarian, how do I recommend a performer for the showcase?
    You can let the YSS committee know by completing this Google Form.
  • Do I have to book a performer that day?
    No, but they may give you a discount.
  • Can I book a performer for an event that isn’t Summer Reading?
    Of course! However, not all performers are making tours through Iowa all year round, so make sure to ask them about their schedule.
  • What should I bring with me?
    Bring your calendar, small notebook and writing utensils, a folder to hold all the performer information you’ll receive, and business cards!
  • Can I earn CE credits by attending the Performer’s Showcase?
    Yes, you can. You’ll just need to fill out the form sent to you after the showcase by the State Library of Iowa.
  • What does a typical schedule of events look like?
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