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Awards and Scholarships

Quality Time Award

The Youth Services Subdivision presents the Quality Time Award to someone who is a positive leader in youth services, who contributes to the library/youth services profession, and who is an overall exemplary professional.   Winners will be selected by a review from the YSS Exec Committee and the nominating party will be notified to coordinate the winner’s ability to attend the ILA Annual Conference. The award will be presented at the conference luncheon. Check back in July to make nominations.

Mr. Anderson Award
Mr. Anderson was a long-time supporter of children’s librarians in Iowa up until his death. He donated his time and resources to helping youth librarians grow professionally to better their communities. Each year YSS honors the work of Mr. Anderson by providing a scholarship in his name to the annual ILA conference. All current YSS members are eligible for the scholarship.  Winners will be reimbursed the registration fee for the current year’s ILA annual conference. Check back in July to make nominations.

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